Michael F. Howland

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Postdoctoral Scholars

Hannah Johlas

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

UMass Amherst 2021

B.A., Physics

Macalester College, 2016

Kerry Klemmer

Postdoctoral Associate (joining August 2022)

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

Princeton 2022

MSc, Aeronautics

Imperial College London, 2015

B.A., Physics, Astronomy, Studio Art

Wesleyan University, 2013

Graduate Students

Kirby Heck

Graduate student

B.S., Engineering Mechanics

UW-Madison, 2021

Storm Mata

Graduate student

A.B., Engineering Sciences

Dartmouth College, 2019

YoungIn Shin

Graduate student (joining Fall 2022)

S.B., Mechanical Engineering

Yonsei University, 2022


Emily Condon

Graduate student

B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, 2021

MEng, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, 2022

Thesis title: Characterizing the Influence of Turbulence Intensity on Energy Production at the Vineyard Wind 1 Farm

First position after Howland Lab: Water Resources Engineer, WSP Global Inc.