Howland Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Renewable and efficient energy systems

Our group studies environmental fluid mechanics and the modeling, optimization, and control of renewable and efficient energy systems. This work is focused at the intersection of fluid mechanics, weather and climate modeling, uncertainty quantification, and optimization and control with an emphasis on renewable energy systems. We use synergistic approaches including simulations, laboratory and field experiments, and modeling to understand the operation of renewable energy systems, with the goal of improving the efficiency, predictability, and reliability of low-carbon energy generation. We are pursuing two coupled research themes:

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our group is an inclusive environment where we value all individuals’ contributions to our community, our science, and our engineering. We welcome and value diverse backgrounds and perspectives as we work towards common objectives. We foster a lab where all identities are welcome and respected to cultivate a creative and collaborative environment.

Banner photo credit: Rebecca Konte